How to Make Path From Wood Cuts

Wooden saw cut is the simplest and cheapest material from which you can make a wonderful path in the country. It is up to you to decide whether it will zip through the flower beds or lead straight to a cozy corner of rest. And we will tell you how to do it according to the rules and with the least effort.

The preparation of the cuts takes the most time. Usually, the paths are made from old wood growing on the site, or the remains of building materials. In any case, it is desirable that it was hard wood. Aspen is ideal, larch and acacia are durable, pine and spruce serve well. Continue reading

How to Make Pond

Making an attractive pond with a waterfall is not so easy. Therefore, such a matter must be approached responsibly. We will show you what nuances to take into account when building a reservoir on the site.

The first step is to define the boundaries of the pond. Try to place the body of water in an open area away from buildings. Plan carefully how much area you will set aside for the water tank and how much space will be taken up by its edging (pond bank).

At the site of the planned reservoir, lay out a garden hose that will define the boundaries of the pond. They can also be denoted by lines of sand mounds. Continue reading